Auto, Marine & Commercial Repair @ Boise Car Upholstery

Boise Car Upholstery

Boise Car Upholstery is the locally owned upholstery shop that restoration enthusiasts and insurance companies trust to repair or replace their auto, boat, and commercial upholstery. We are the “original upholstery replacement specialists in the valley” and value high-quality work and customer satisfaction above all else.

Good Feelings and Great Conversation

Classic cars are always a head-turner on the road not to mention a strong conversation starter. Whether you want to tour your classic cars to car shows or take long country drives, you will compel thoughts of good feelings and simpler times. Boise Car Upholstery can restore or preserve your interior so that you get years of enjoyment from your All-American Classic!

Local Craftsman and Well-Defined Style

Terry Botkin and Team are the original and most respected local upholstery craftsman in Boise, Idaho. They have years of experience and have honed their skills on hundreds of upholstery projects. Boise Car Upholstery can take any interior and give it a well-defined style that reflects your personality.

Insurance Claims and Major Repairs

Repairing a car after an accident can be worse than the accident itself. Or maybe you’re just attempting a major repair in the interior. Trying to deal with insurance companies and making sure the car is like new can be a real headache. Boise Car Upholstery is with you every step of the way. We offers FREE estimates of the damage and can handle your insurance claims for you. So much so that by the end you will be delighted with our results!

What’s in a Name?

At Boise Car Upholstery we play by old-school rules, meaning that customer comfort is key. So whether you call, email, or visit our location in person we will always strive to be friendly and upfront in order to best serve you. We are 100% dedicated to providing a quality experience to match the quality results you will receive from our hardworking staff. As a company that has been locally owned and operated for over 50 years, we will get the job done well the first time and on time.