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A Rich History of Downtown Boise

Boise Car Upholstery

When Jack Rhoads returned to Boise after serving in the navy during World War II, he used his experience sewing parachutes to begin the business he eventually named Boise Car Upholstery.

As Boise grew the location of Boise Car Upholstery changed to reflect Boise's growth. It has been in its current location at 2222 W Fairview Ave, since 1978. The unique building began as a service station under the Flying A banner in the 1920's.

Jack "retired" 1982 and sold the business to Terry Botkin, but he continued to work there part-time for several years. Though Terry had attended the BYU Marriot School of Business, he wasn't actively looking for this kind of opportunity. In fact, if you ask Terry today he will tell you that he was simply in the right place at the right time and everything worked out perfectly. Terry's education provided him the ability to buy Boise Car Upholstery and keep it thriving.

Terry Botkin and staff strive to provide a brand of integrity, a friendly environment, and a high standard of quality in all aspects of their work. At Boise Car Upholstery we believe that building long-lasting relationships is a priority. We try to do a little of everything so that you may have a friend to turn to whenever you have a problem that needs "sewed."

We specialize in

Automotive Seats

Convertible Tops

Custom Seat Covers

Boat Tops


Marine Carpets

Gym Equipment

Medical Chairs