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Modifying and Repairing Your Ride

For many people, their car is their pride and joy. You can wash the outside and vacuum and dust the inside all you want; however, sometimes that is not enough. Seats can look beaten and worn after many passengers, or just sitting in the sun. With Boise Car Upholstery, you can trust us to repair any of your interior related troubles.

Original Seat Repair

At Boise Car Upholstery, we have a vast seat catalog collection, containing the standard vinyl and leather choices for every year, brand, and type of car imaginable. So, we can replace the damaged pieces with accurate and authentic choices. Our staff is equipped and skilled to care for all types of seats; from cloth, to leather, to vinyl. We can provide specific care for both regular wear and tear, along with replacing entire seat panels. Everything is sewn and fitted by hand, with an incredible attention to detail you won't find anywhere else. (For those who want to care for leather seats themselves, ask about our Leather Cleaning Kits!)

Foam Replacement

It's not just the outside of the seat that takes a beating. The foam on the inside of your seats can wear down over time and depending on how many passengers go through your car, it can make the seats increasingly uncomfortable. We at Boise Car Upholstery also can replace the foam inside your seats as well, making them comfortable and sturdy, ready to take on even more passengers for years to come. Also, if you want to update your upholstery, check out our main office at and look at our hundreds of options.


Soft-top convertibles are fast becoming a rare sight on the road, always turning heads whenever you drive through the neighborhood. They are sadly so rare that repair services can be costly and hard to find. We at Boise Car Upholstery are partners with several businesses that specialize in providing new convertible tops, such as EZ-on Auto Tops and the Robbins Auto Top LLC. So, if your Convertible top needs a replacement, we can order an effective replacement for you. Our staff are also trained to handle and repair your existing convertible top and make it last much longer for less. With these in mind, we can ensure your convertible will look like new and work right for years to come.


Out of all the parts on a car, the carpet on the floor of the cabin and in the trunk can undergo the most damage over time. Dirt gets from your shoes and ground into the floor, spills in the trunk happen, all of which can discolor, stain, and ruin your carpets. At Boise Car Upholstery, we can clean your carpets to help extend their life or replace them to help your car feel new again. Either way, we can ensure that your carpets will stay clean and comfortable, no matter what life grinds into them. Come to our offices and see for yourself.

Seat Heaters & Lumbar Support

Car seats nowadays have many additions to help increase comfort. With seat heaters and lumbar support. Lumbar support can help or those with bad backs, and seat heaters can help keep you warm during exceptionally cold winters. However, like any part in your car, it can wear down and break over time. That’s where we come in. At Boise Car Upholstery, we can easily replace your seat heater with a new one, ready to keep you warm for all the next winter. We can also install and replace lumbar support. These will help with lower back pain by supporting your lower back and turning even the rockiest and coldest of car rides into smooth cruises in any weather. Get in Touch Today!

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