Custom Vehicle Interiors

Let Us Help You Create Your Dream Ride

Sewn and fitted to perfection

For many people, their first car is their pride and joy. Whether it’s a Lifted Ford pickup, or a sleek sports car, appearance always matters. Old seats can look beaten and worn after many passengers, or just sitting in the sun. With Boise Car Upholstery, you can trust us to repair any of your interior related troubles.

Vast Catalog Collection

At Boise Car Upholstery, we have a vast seat catalog collection, containing the standard vinyl and leather choices for every year, brand, and type of car imaginable. So, we can replace the damaged pieces with accurate and authentic choices.

Sewn and fitted to perfection

Our staff is equipped and skilled to care for all types of seats; from cloth, to leather, to vinyl. We can provide specific care for both regular wear and tear, along with replacing entire seat panels. Everything is sewn and fitted by hand, with an incredible attention to detail you won't find anywhere else.

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