Motorcycle/ATV seats

Ready to tackle your next adventure

Kids no longer have all the toys. Many adults love having their motorcycles, dirt bikes and ATV’s, and running them across the country on many adventures. You’ve put a lot of care into them and want them looking as good as the day you first rode it. While you can clean and care for the other parts, Seat repair often requires unique sewing skills, specialized care, and if you did it yourself, you could end up ruining your seats. Also, split seats and collapsing foam can make seats uncomfortable and Please allow us to help with seat repair. With Boise Car Upholstery we can repair or replace as needed, to make sure your seats looks as good as the day as you bought your toys. Come to our main office and see all the things we can do to make your road hog look like new, or even better than when you first bought it.

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