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Storage Covers

If you’ve ever taken a stroll along a waterfront or spent any time on the lake during a hot summer, you’ve also probably noticed a variety of eye-catching boats bobbing on the water. Most of them are new and shiny, but there is always this one type of boat that stands out. You know, the one that looks like it should be nice—but in reality is grimy and dirty, and for some weird reason seems to always smell like an unwashed locker room. This type of boat never seems to be that old, but the upholstery is cracked, the colors are faded or even bleached, and mildew is growing in noticeable patches everywhere. With so many problems it might seem impossible to ever be able to take pride in your boat again!

At Boise Care Upholstery, we pride ourselves on resolving complicated problems with simple and long-term solutions. Most people don’t realize that the key to solving those serious issues is simply to invest in a storage cover for your boat. The purpose of a storage cover is to encase your marine vehicle in a layer of protection that keeps out the perils of everyday life; everything from harsh UV light, weather, birds, rodents, and even dirt. Though most already come in a variety of colors and sizes, the best storage covers are custom-made because it’s designed to fit your watercraft just right—no matter what unique features your craft or personality includes. Since custom covers are nice and snug, you never have to worry about unwanted problems making their way into your boat again. In addition to crafting a cover to the exact specification of your boat, Boise Car Upholstery uses industry-leading materials and fasteners to ensure a high-quality and durable product.

So whether you’re searching for an open-water adventure or merely looking to regain lost pride in your ship, Boise Car Upholstery is here to provide no hassle service from reupholstery to custom jobs so that your boat will be the prize in any harbor.

Boat Tops

If you consider boating for any extended length of time it is in your best interest to purchase a proper boat top. Investing in a boat top is a way to ensure that you will be protected from UV rays, rain, or wind without removing you from the feel of adventure. There are many options to consider when it comes to boat covers as they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Additionally, you should take into account your personal taste, the type of boat you own, and the shade structure when deciding on what top is the best choice for you.

At Boise Car Upholstery, we understand that not everyone is a boat top expert. Most boat tops are created using a variety of quality fabrics; the most common being vinyl, acrylic, and canvas. The fabric being used determines the longevity of your boat cover and how well it handles UV and water exposure, mold, or mildew. With this in mind, we have provided a short list of tops to help you in your quest for style and security:

Bimini Tops: These boat tops are open-front top covers for the cockpit. It uses a metal frame and can be put up or taken down as your needs change. A basic Bimini top doesn’t protect from rain as all four sides are open to the elements, but it is one of the most popular types of boat tops because its openness can make any small ship feel roomy.

Enclosure Curtains: These curtains enclose around your boat’s cockpit or deck area and are often made using vinyl or acrylic.

Boom Awnings: Very similar to an awning you’d find on a building, this boat cover is designed to cover a portion of the boat—usually the deck—and provide shade.

Boat Dodgers: Also called Spray-Hoods, these boat tops are used to protect the boat’s entrance and part of the cockpit. Usually equipped with vinyl windows, Dodgers are used in rougher waters to protect against harsh weather and seas.

At Boise Car Upholstery we carefully measure your boat for the dimensions needed for your new top and use quality materials from industry-leaders to ensure that the profile of your top will meet all of your short and long-term. Furthermore, our boat experts are always happy to answer any questions you may have about products, process, or prices so that your vessel remains a seaworthy investment for years to come.

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